Datlen Luthiery

Hand-Crafted and Built in the Napa Valley

the build process


Woods are selected for proper grain orientation, stiffness to weight ratio, and appearance.  I base my bracing on the traditional x-brace design that I have tweaked to more evenly balance the top.  


All braces are carved and scalloped to optimize stiffness while reducing unnecessary weight.  Hot hide glue is used in all the bracing as well as other applicable joints and surfaces.  


My guitars all have a a bolt-on neck to body joint and a slight Manzer body wedge (3/8") from side to side added for player comfort.  


I finish each build with anywhere from 12-15 thin coats of nitrocellulose Cardinal lacquer.  After curing, the finish is block sanded and polished.  My normal setup is for the finger style player.